Hair spas are therapy for hair, that lets you enjoy the calming massage while also nourishing your hair and making it strong and healthy. It instantly turns your dull and damaged hair into glossy manageable mane.


The first step is applying spa cream and massaging hair gently for at least 15 minutes. We’re in paradise just thinking about it. This increases blood circulation and provide deep conditioning.

Steam Treatment

Hair is then treated with mild steam for another 20-25 minutes to help the nutrients in the product lock in and even out in scalp.


Hair is washed and serum is applied if required.

Hair spa at home involves massaging hair with warm oil, steam treatment, applying hair mask and washing with a mild shampoo.

Benefits of a hair spa

The benefits of a hair spa are endless. Talking about disadvantages, if you have colour treated hair, it may fade away the colour, otherwise none.

It provides deep conditioning and nourishment to roots and strengthens hair follicles.
It removes impurities inside pores and deep rooted dirt and also normalises oil secretion.
Ensures dandruff free, lustrous locks.
Tames frizz giving hair a smooth texture from root to tip and repairs damaged hair.
It is a rehydrating therapy that not only restores natural oils and moisturises, but also revitalizes the scalp that results in natural hair rebirth.



Do you guarantee your services?

YES! Our unconditional guarantee is that you receive the best service ever, or it’s free.

Can I wear makeup during my facial or body treatment?

During facials, your esthetician will remove your make-up for you. If you are scheduled for a body treatment and would like to remove your makeup beforehand, we will provide you with Aveda make-up removal products.

Can I book extra services while I am at the spa?

Absolutely, please ask! We will always try to accommodate your wishes, although we do recommend that you book your treatments in advance.

How do I choose the right treatments and products?

We offer complimentary consultations, and can make recommendations to fit your wants and needs. Whether you are looking for a skin care product line to use at home, or have specific needs for a salon or spa treatment, we are always available to answer your questions.

How do I schedule an appointment?

You can schedule your appointment by phone, in person or online.

What should I wear for a spa or salon treatment?

No special clothing is required; come as you are! If you are enjoying several services, you will be provided with a robe and slippers. Towels for the eucalyptus steam shower are available. Your personal comfort is always most important to us!